Unique and Classy 1953 Corvette

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379312Corvette is a sports car by Chevrolet. The 1953 Corvette was made as a show car for Motorama, This is the first convertible model of Corvette. It was designed by Harley Earl under the Chevrolet’s division, the General Motors (GM). The 1953 Corvette model was finished and perfected by the 30th day of June 1953.

Corvette 1953 was manufactured with fiberglass technique. It is comprised with 46 pieces that needs to be joined together to form the nine subassemblies of the car. It needs to be done with skill on hand labor. Many flaws existed because there are some fittings in the molding that is not accurate and right. It was not an easy go for the GM because apparently it is the first car to have Molded Fiber Glass body. With fear of embarrassing the company if this dream car would fail, they release a limited edition for the car. Many wanted to have it but it was unavailable.

This car is a two door convertible car. It can go 0.60 meter per hour in eleven seconds. Vehicle specifications are: wheelbase is 102.0 inches; width is 72.2, length 167.0 inches; front track 57.0 inches while the rear part is 59.0. Its height is 51.3 and it weighs 2,850 pounds. The mechanical specifications are as follows:

• Wheels: 6.0×15
• Transmission: 2-speed Power glide
• Suspension
For Front: Independent lower and upper A-arms, antiroll bar, coil springs, and also a tubular hydraulic shock absorbers
For Rear: semi-elliptic leaf springs with live axle as well as a tubular hydraulic shock absorbers
• Standard axle ratio: 3.55:1
• Brakes
For Front and Rear Brakes have 11-inch drums

The 1953 Corvette is available only in one color: Polo white. And the engine specifications are as listed below.
• Bore x stroke: 3.56 by 3.95 inches
• Horsepower: 150 at 4200rpm
• Displacement: 3.85/235.5 liters/cu inch
• Torque: 223 at 2400rpm, pound-foot
• Fuel Management: 3 Carter side draft

It is unique because of its molded fiber glass body and it is the first Corvette to be made. It is known to be classy and elegant with its uncommon red interior and its six-cylinder motor.

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