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1932_Mercedes-Benz_770_Cabriolet_FA vintage car is an auto mobile specifically a car that was made from 1919 to 1930. Generally most of the people know the vintage car as just an old automobile. But car enthusiasts and car collectors delineate and categorize cars according to what year and period they were made. They enforce distinctions between the antique, vintage, classic, modern, and future cars. nemor2’s favorite photos from other Flickr members

During the vintage car era, cars became more practical and safe. There was an improvement in the brake system wherein four-wheel braking was used from a common foot pedal. It was also more convenient and comfortable to travel because during this period car heating was introduced. The use of in-car radio was also started. During this period power steering was also launched.

As years went by, some vintage cars are worn out, especially those cars that were left in garages to rot. But these types of cars are still valuable especially if they can be restored. The cost to buy a Vintage Car is lesser if the car is more out of shape and in bad condition. This is because there will be a greater cost in restoring and detailing the car. Sometimes the cost of restoring and buying an out of shape car is greater than buying a fully restored, detailed and ready to drive vintage car.

Vintage Car Detailing
Outside Detailing
The outside of the car is developed mostly for other people to see. Usually the driver doesn’t enjoy the outside of the car as much as he enjoys the inside of the car. Sometimes this is the only part of the car that other people will have the chance to see so it is important to leave an impression. Detailing the outside of the car includes the following:
Headlight restoration
Headlights should be restored especially if the glass becomes dull because of long storage. A glass restoration solution should be used carefully so that it will not damage the paint around the headlights. It is important to use a tape around the headlight so that the surrounding paint will not be dissolved and cause damage.

Wheel and Tire restoration
Different solutions are used to clean and restore the tires. The important thing is to remove the dirt by applying the right pressure to be able to restore the natural colour of the tire and restore the natural chrome polish of the rim. It is important to pay attention to small corners because oil and dirt tend to build up along the corners.
Body paint restoration
At first it is important to remove excess dirt and light scratches on the paint. After this, wax can now be applied but ideally waxing involves three steps. The first is applying a pre wax cleaner that helps prepare the paint for waxing. Then it should be followed by a glaze solution that will hide the imperfections on the paint. The last one is applying a carnauba wax that provides a layer of protection on the paint. A polisher can then applied to have a glossy finish.
Glass Cleaning
A glass cleaning solution is used to clean the glass. It is important to be careful to remove excess dirt. It is also important to use the right type of cloth so that the glass will not be scratched when cleaning it. The windshield is the most important glass and the one that is usually exposed from the outside environment. Special attention should be given when cleaning it.
Bumpers and Exterior Black Cleaning
Cleaning solutions can be used with just a cloth towel making sure to observe keen details to the curves. It is also important to remove excess solution used and make sure that it is dry after cleaning.

Inside Detailing
The inside of the car, on the other hand is developed and furnished for the driver. This is because it is the driver that will be inside the car. The driver will be the one to sit in it, drive it and enjoy it. There are several steps in detailing the inside of the car this include the following:
This procedure needs a powerful vacuum with great suction power. A long suction hose is also ideal for easy movement all around the car. This procedure should be done first to remove all loose dirt and dust from the carpet, upholstery and the dash board.
Carpet cleaning
A carpet spray cleaner and spot eliminator can be used in removing dirt that stick on the carpet. These are water based, safe and easy to use. It is just sprayed on the carpet then excess dirt can be just brushed off using a soft carpet brush. Then the excess residue can be removed by wiping with a micro fibre.

Upholstery cleaning
In cleaning the upholstery the right solution for the right material must be used. Usually the upholstery is made of leather, a leather solution and conditioner is commonly used. It is important not to over use the solutions so that it will not seep in the material and cause dust accumulation. It is also important to clean thoroughly the part of the upholstery that usually comes in contact with our skin.

Glass cleaning
In cleaning the glass it is important to use the right material for cleaning and the right glass cleaning solution. Nowadays there are materials that are available that are triangular in shape and that are flat. This type of material can easily reach the space in between the dash and the glass with less effort.

Vintage cars are part of history. It is important that they can be preserved and restored. Owning a vintage car is a privilege. But having this privilege also has its responsibilities. It may cost a lot of money and involve a lot of energy to restore and maintain it. Some previous owners of vintage cars end up selling them because the cost for maintenance and restoration is just too high. But for automobile collectors and enthusiasts, the cost is the least of their concern. The important thing is to maintain the quality of the car and preserve a part of history.

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