The Innovative 1923 Lancia Lambda Auto mobile

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Lancia_Lambda_1923Lancia Company from Italy has produced a wide variety of cars from 1906. From the year 1922 until 1931, the Lancia Lambda, an innovative auto mobile has been produced. This car has pioneered the unit body method used in many cars today. It is one of the first cars to have an excellent four wheel brakes and a shock absorber. Lars-Göran Lindgren Sweden

The Lambda had 9 series. But in the year 1923, during the first series of the production of 1923 Lancia Lambda, only 400 Lambda Lancias were built. The Lancia Lambda has a V4 2121 cc engine in front. With a 3 gear manual transmission, the Lancia Lambda runs at 3250 rates per minute. The car weighs an approximate 2646 lbs. It runs on a single carburetor fuel system. This car design had begun in 1919. It was given a sliding pillar front suspension. Its load-bearing monocoque chassis was a first in the industry. The strength of this vehicle came from a drive shaft tunnel that served as the backbone of the car.

This lead to the claiming of Lancia to have built the best medium powered car in the world at the time that the Lancia Lambda was a hit. The body style of the Lancia Lambda has a touring style but the performance characteristics of this car resemble that of a sports car. Counting the whole series that has been made of the Lancia Lambda created over 11,000 units.

A top car at its time, the Lancia Lambda, served its best times in its years. It has been designed and engineered to satisfy most unsatisfied motorists whose demands for appearance and performance are of very high standards. It was a very innovative car in its time. It is completely the most advanced model of car among all car models during

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