One of America’s Prides: Its Car Manufacturing Industry

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Late_model_Ford_Model_TThe United States of America is currently the second largest car manufacturer of the world. They were once the largest manufacturer in this industry all throughout the world but they were overtaken by Japan in the 1980’s and were also overtaken by China in 2008. During the recent years, they took turns with Japan for second and third place in auto mobile production. America has been successful in car production because of its large market and its resources.
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There are currently three big companies that dominate the automotive industry in America. They are the General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, known as America’s Big Three Auto makers. There are also small companies that operate in America but their contribution in terms of numbers produced can be rendered as insignificant compared to the big three. Since the start of the automotive industry in America there have been numerous companies that were forced to close because of bankruptcy due to problems in the economy. Even General Motors and Chrysler once filed for bankruptcy and had to be reorganized.

The Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford. It was incorporated in 1903. They are one of the pioneering companies that started the mass production of auto mobiles. The first car that they mass produced was the Model T which sold 15 million models by 1927. They are currently producing auto mobiles and commercial vehicles under the brand name Ford. They also have luxury cars under the brand name Lincoln. The Ford Motor Company was also one of the first American auto mobile companies that started expansion in other countries.

General Motors
The General Motors Corporation or popularly known as GM is America’s largest car manufacturing company. It was founded by William Durant, a former carriage maker, in 1908. After the company has been established, it slowly acquired smaller auto mobile companies and auto mobile parts supplier. It even attempted to merge with Ford but talks about the merger failed because Henry Ford decided to remain as an independent auto mobile company. There was a time when Durant lost the control over GM because of mismanagement due to fast expansion but after several years, he was able to acquire majority of shares and eventually took control of the company again. The GM was also able to expand in other countries, following the example set by Ford.

Walter Chrysler founded the Chrysler Corporation in 1925. Before founding Chrysler, he worked as an executive at General Motors. Then he was able to acquire Maxwell Motor Company which he later reorganized and named Chrysler Corporation. He was able to expand his company by taking control over the Dodge Brothers Company and the Fargo Truck Company. Chrysler is currently the second biggest auto mobile company in America. Current popular auto mobile brands under its control are the Dodge, Ram and Jeep.

As of today, America supplies auto mobiles all over the world. Commercial auto mobiles and Luxury cars from America can be found in most developed countries. The auto mobiles that they produce are in demand because they maintain a standard that can be considered as the best in the world.

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