Model T-Ford: A Breakthrough Car from Ford

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Late_model_Ford_Model_TThe Ford Motor Company or simply Ford, an American multinational and famous manufacturer of cars owned and founded by Henry Ford, and the maker of the ever famous classic Model T Ford. Also known as Tin Lizzie or T-Model, the Model T Ford was produced from the year 1908 up to the year 1927. It became a main street attraction in its first release and paved the way for Ford Company to mass produce this car model. The mass production of the Model T was a breakthrough in the car industry as it was produced through assembly lines rather than an individual assembly of Ford Company employees. It also sets the popularity of auto mobiles in the same year that it was manufactured.
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Also regarded as the first affordable auto mobile in the industry and most influential car of the 20th century, over 15 million units of the Model T Ford were built and sold not only in the United States, but also in a lot of countries in the world. The first constructed model of the Model T Ford was in Detroit and in 1910, the manufacturing of the Model T Ford moved to a much bigger plant in Highland Park in Michigan. The Model T Ford or the Tin Lizzie has a 20 horsepower, four-cylinder engine that could reach up to forty five miles per hour. The Model T Ford weighed about one thousand two hundred pounds and can reach around twenty miles per gallon on record. Eight hundred fifty dollars were the original price of the car until it was lowered to two hundred sixty dollars because of the generous act of Henry Ford to pass on to the consumers the productions savings that he had.

With the obvious success of the Model T Ford in conquering the streets, Henry Ford made his company the biggest in the industry. Not only in the United States, but also internationally, Ford became a much known brand in producing low cost efficient cars.


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