Jaguar E-Type Jaguar Production 1961–1974

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1024px-Jag_E-TypeRanked first on the record of 1960’s Top Sports Cars by Sports Car International in 2004, the Jaguar E-Type, also known as Jaguar XKE, is manufactured as a British sports care by Jaguar Cars Ltd. It was designed by Malcolm Sayer and was produced from 1961-1974. It was assembled in Coventry, England and was exported mainly to North America, during its early production. By Brooksbro69 (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Number of Models
There were a total of 72,515 models made from Series 1 to Series 3. The three distinct series used three different engines and used three distinct body styles. The first series was known as the Open Two Seater also called the Roadster. The second was known as the Fixed-Head coupé and the third were known as the 2+2 or longer wheelbase coupé.

Basic Specifications
The body style is a 2 door coupe with an engine that is 3.8L XK I6-5.3L Jaguar V12 engine. The wheelbase is about 96 inches to 105 inches and the transmission is 3-speed automatic; 4-speed manual and the automatic were made available starting 1966 onwards. The length is at 175.3125 inches to 184.4375 inches, the width is 65.25 inches to 48.125 inches, while the height is 50.125 inches to 46.5 inches. The Kerb weight is 2,900 lbs to 3,090 lbs.

What made the Jaguar E-Type unique were its sleek design and its superb performance. It defines what a sports car should be, and what a sports car should look. There were a few sports cars that tried to topple the Jaguar E-Type from its number one rank in the world but few have matched or came close to its design and performance.

A classic sports car, it is well known for its good looks and high performance and was made affordable for the middle – class. The Jaguar E-Type still impresses the automotive world today. Marking its 52nd year of production this year, it is the most famous and the most valued automobiles produced by Jaguar Cars Ltd.

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