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1932_Mercedes-Benz_770_Cabriolet_FSince the 1960s Germany has been the leading auto mobile producer in Europe. While in the world, they are currently the fourth largest auto mobile producer. They are behind China, United States of America and Japan. Germany boasts being the birthplace of the first patented auto mobile which was created by Karl Benz, the Motorwagen in 1886. Since then Germany was known as building quality cars. Now Germany is also known for building fast cars. nemor2′s favorite photos from other Flickr members

There are currently seven major companies that manufacture auto mobiles in Germany. Among them the most famous is the Porsche. The Porsche 911 is the most popular model. First produced in the 1960s, it is considered as a classic design. The 1964 model can still top current car models today. It is a two-door Grand Tourer. It has a distinct design, rear engine and with an independent rear suspension. This car ranked fifth place in the international poll made for Car of the Century.

Another famous car that Germany produced is the Volkswagen Beetle. Originally known as the Volksagen Type 1, it was custom-built for Adolf Hitler and was personally designed by the famed Ferdinand Porsche. More than twenty one million people in the world own this car. Even though this car is not ideal because of its size, many people still opted to have this car. One of the reasons may be because of its cheap cost. But none the less it is also considered a classic and a vintage car. The Volkswagen Beetle is officially the most manufactured and longest running car of single design platform worldwide.

BMW is also one of the major car manufacturing companies in Germany. Their first auto mobile model was called the Dixi, launched in 1928. But the most popular and well known is the BMW 2002. The production of the 2002 marked the production of sports sedan in 1968. Its features and performance can be compared with that of a sports car and this paved the way for the production of the new 1-Series models.

When German car production is mentioned, the Mercedes-Benz could not be discounted. The most famous and most coveted model of all time is the Mercedes-Benz 300SL. The production of 300SL was started in 1957 and was stopped in 1963. Max Hoffman, an American, is the one responsible for the production of this model. His influence can be credited to its final design.

Another famous car manufacturer in Germany is Audi. The most famous is the Audi R8. It is a 2-seater, mid-engine sports car, which utilizes the Audi’s trademark Quattro, a technology or system for specific model cars of Audi. It was presented in 2006.

The other two major car manufacturing company in Germany is the Ford Germany and the Opel. There are also several small companies that produce cars in Germany but the majority are produced by the seven big car companies.

Germany can be well known for its great history, rich culture and unique traditions. But when Germany is mentioned, beautifully engineered and durable cars come to mind, an image fitting for the birthplace of the first patented auto mobile.

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