1952 MG TD ONE

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Oldtimer in Rot 2MG TD’s were produced in England by MG Car Company. Also known as the MD TD Midget because of its size, this car model established the sports car craze in the United States of America. Part of the MG T series of auto mobiles which included TF, TD, TC, TB and TA. The MG T series of cars were made from 1936 to 1955.

There were a total of 30,000 MG TD models made from 1950 to 1953. The TD models featured smaller disc type road wheels compared to other MG T series previous models. It also had a left hand drive option and standard equipment bumpers and over riders which was not available from its predecessors.

Basic Specifications
• Body Style 2 door roadster
• Transmission 4 speed manual
• Engine 1,250cc (1.3L) XPAG type I4
• Wheelbase 94 inches
• Length 145 inches
• Width 59 inches
• Height 53 inches

The MG TD is a rear wheel drive roadster and standard transmission car. It signifies the modern engine design that can be produced in 1952. It also features a well-designed suspension and transmission. It can be used in any kind of weather; it has a long hood at the back that can be used when you want the top to be covered. One downside of this car is the absence of a fuel gauge which makes it difficult for the driver to know the amount of fuel left on the tank.

Today this car is considered a collector’s item. Few are available in the market and their value is rising. Various models can be found throughout the world but the majority of the models in good condition are found in North America. MG TDs are deliberated by many people and car enthusiasts to be the most iconic car for sports ever manufactured

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