1922 CITRŐEN 5CV Trèfle

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120px-Citroen_5_CV_Typ_C2_Torpedo_1923Citrően 5CV Trefle car was originally called the type C. It was created in France by French Citrően. Most of the clients to avail this car model were women. There were twenty to thirty thousand of these car model produced around 1924 to 1926 by Andrè Citroën-the engineer-constructor of this car. With the help Edmond Moyet who designed the features of this model who at the same time was working for the design of the later known cycle car the Amilcar. For the later years, developments were being made from type C model.

Photo By Lars-Göran Lindgren Sweden

This model has three parts known as the cabriolet, cloverleaf, and tourer. And it comes with a fold-down hood. The following are the specifications of Citrően 5CV Trefle, 1922 model.

Engine and Power:
Engine: Four-cylinder in-line
Transmission: Manual three speed
Drive train: Front engine, rear drive
Maximum speed: 70 kilometer per hour
Power: 20bhp at 2100rpm
Bore and Stroke: 68 by 100 millimeter

Body Specifications:
Wheelbase: 283 centimeters
Track (Rear and Front):119 centimeters
Length: 400 centimeters
Height: 183 centimeters
Weight: 810 kilogram

The three unique parts of type C made it unique and captivating for its buyers. Its Tourers were made with lively yellow color and was even named Little Lemon or Petit Citron. The shape of the bodywork on the rear area, which is pointed, makes it different than the usual figures of the cars in this year. The Cabriolet was only introduced when the wheelbase was extended to about 2.35 and when tires were changed to bigger ones. By then, a new model of the type C was born, the type C3.

This portion of the car had two piece windscreen that can be opened and glass windows that are sliding and waterproof.

The model type C is also known for its unique part called the cloverleaf. It is made with an arrangement showing a third seat placed similar to a clover leaf on the center area. But as new developments were done to the original structure, new model are being made. But the uniqueness of 1922 Citrően 5CV Trefle will remain. Currently, there are about 32,567 cars produced.

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